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Ventura County CIT MapOfficer of the Month:

Deputy Edward Beauvais
Camarillo Police - Sheriff's Department

Deputy Beauvais attended the 40-hour CIT academy training in March of 2003.

Deputy Beauvais has intervened in many potentially volatile situations with mentally ill members of the community. Because of his patience, skill, creative approach, and ability to create rapport with individuals, he safely de-escalates situations.

Deputy Beauvais has been the instructor of the "Policy and Protocol" class in the last two 40-hour CIT academy trainings. He has been more than willing to take on this particularly difficult topic, and has done an extraordinary job of instructing!

Deputy Beauvais was also very involved in the planning process for the Mental Health Services Act (Proposition 63). Ventura County Mental Health will receive almost seven million dollars in 2006 for mental health services, and the community was tasked with determining the way in which the money should be utilized. Deputy Beauvais was a member of the Crisis Committee, and as such he was very adept at communicating the law enforcement perspective to the other committee members. He was often asked questions about how deputies deal with individuals with mental illnesses, which he always clearly and respectfully answered. This respectful exchange of information greatly assisted in the educational and decision making process.

Recently, Deputy Beauvais attended a treatment team meeting to discuss a mentally ill young man who lives in the community and is frequently contacted by the police. Deputy Beauvais provided pertinent information to the clinicians and family members, which allowed them to clearly determine the best course of action.

We are proud to have Deputy Beauvais as a CIT deputy, and we thank him for all of his hard work!

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